What is the Sandwich Generation?



More and more we read and hear about the “Sandwich Generation”. Many of you are asking what is this so-called “Sandwich Generation”? No, it’s not the generation that grew up carrying PB & J sandwiches to school in their lunchbox.

Sandwich Generation is a term used to identify those individuals who are sandwiched between raising children and having to care for a beloved elderly family member who may require physical, emotional or financial support. Not only is this individual sandwiched between generations but also has a job that requires their undivided attention. As you can imagine time constraints plus separation by distance to this elderly relative equals a recipe for a tremendously stressful situation. You can only do so much!

This month we proudly launched a TV commercial focusing on the sandwich generation and our services featuring our new spokesperson, Rich Gannon former NFL Quarterback and Most Valuable Player.

Before we began the actual filming of the commercial in Philadelphia I took the opportunity to chat with Rich about Garden State Trust Company and our team. Almost immediately our conversation focused on how we personally know people sandwiched between caring for different generations and the strain they are under.

Rich also wanted to know more about our trust, investment and estate services. I shared with him how our trust services have provided peace of mind for our clients and their immediate families. Because, even separated by distance they have the Garden State Trust Company team to “lean on” for their financial needs as well as lifestyle planning.

Please access our new Television Commercial featuring former NFL Quarterback and MVP, Rich Gannon by clicking here.

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Garden State Trust Company – Truly Spanning Generations!


Back row from left: Siobhan Connolly; Mary Gonzalez; Adam Brower; Karen Spanover; Sean Rice
Front row from left: Susan Cox; Ira Brower; Barbara Kannheiser

For many years we have worked very hard to create a feeling of “family” while providing our trust and investment services to our clients. Many of our clients have been with us for over 25 years. Some more than that! When we chose our tag line “Spanning Generations” we looked at our clients and realized our services have been spanning generations. Today we are providing our services for many of the children and in some cases the nieces and nephews of our clients.We truly are a family! We reminisce and share stories about how their parents came to us and how we followed their growth through the beaming eyes of their parents. We have shared many laughs and some sadness as their parents aged and are no longer with them. “Spanning Generations” is not just a tagline, it’s who we are.

This tagline is not exclusive to our clients either. Now my son, Adam, has joined Garden State Trust Company and even as a company we are spanning generations. We thought it was time to share with you a picture of our growing team that prides itself on providing that “family” feeling.

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Financial Security & Asset Allocation – February Newsletter




This month our newsletter articles focus on financial security. The most important article touches on the importance of asset allocation. Asset allocation is how you diversify your investments among different asset classes: stocks, bonds, and short-term investments (such as money markets). Asset classes react in different ways to ever-changing economic conditions. The correct asset allocation can help provide you with peace of mind through economic ups and downs and may even increase your potential for better returns over time.

Always remember that neither diversification nor asset allocation guarantees a profit or guarantees against loss. We maintain a disciplined approach to asset allocation where we create an Investment Policy Statement at the beginning of our relationship with our client establishing a mutually agreed upon asset allocation. As time goes on we revisit the Investment Policy Statement to be sure the current asset allocation is meeting the needs of our client.

Welcome to Garden State Trust Company’s Monthly Newsletter

This past October, our community was hit by one of the most destructive storms ever experienced on the East Coast. Our office in Toms River escaped without damage, but members of our staff and many of our clients were not so fortunate. Garden State Trust Company is proud of the resilience of our community and the generosity of all those that have donated their time and money to restore what was lost. We, like you, know that 2013 will be a year of rebuilding but also of renewed hope for all those affected. In the spirit of moving forward, we present our new monthly newsletter which was designed to provide our readers with valuable financial guidance. Each month we will present a newsletter filled with topics that we believe will be both informative and valuable to you as you plan for the future.

We wish you and your family the best in 2013.

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