Financial Resources for Allocating your Retirement Savings


Determining how to invest your retirement savings is dependent on several factors.

Two key factors in the process are your tolerance for risk and your time horizon. Increased risk brings greater return, but also increased volatility and market fluctuations. One key to successful investing is balancing the risk you are willing to take with your time horizon.

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The Importance of Wills

A Will is necessary no matter the size of your estate. Be aware, if you die without a Will, the laws of the State of New Jersey dictate who is to receive your estate. Wouldn’t you like to be the one who decides on the beneficiaries of your estate rather than let the state choose them? Lastly, consider if you have an only child or if there are other children or grandchildren that might inherit your estate. When minor grandchildren are involved there are other things you might want to consider. Continue reading “The Importance of Wills”

Welcome to Garden State Trust Company’s Monthly Newsletter

This past October, our community was hit by one of the most destructive storms ever experienced on the East Coast. Our office in Toms River escaped without damage, but members of our staff and many of our clients were not so fortunate. Garden State Trust Company is proud of the resilience of our community and the generosity of all those that have donated their time and money to restore what was lost. We, like you, know that 2013 will be a year of rebuilding but also of renewed hope for all those affected. In the spirit of moving forward, we present our new monthly newsletter which was designed to provide our readers with valuable financial guidance. Each month we will present a newsletter filled with topics that we believe will be both informative and valuable to you as you plan for the future.

We wish you and your family the best in 2013.

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